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I am the Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent for Bacon County

Asian Soybean Rust-Southeast Georgia

Dr. Bob Kemerait just informed us that Asian Soybean Rust has been found in a sentinel plot at the Southeast Georiga Research and Education Center in Midville. His recommendation is to treat beans younger than R1 (flowering) through R4 (full pod development) with fungicide. Don’t hesitate to call if you…
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Livestock Production Meeting-panels and Facilities

Bacon County Extension and Bacon County Young Farmers will have a joint meeting on August 22. The speaker and sponsor is Justin Jones with All American Panel, LLC.   They are based in Nichols, Georgia and are a distributor of livestock handling equipment. Where: Bacon County High School Ag Classroom…
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Chilli Thrips in Blueberries

Possible Chilli Thrips have been found in Georgia Highbush fields. Specimens are being sent to Dr. Sial for conformation. Chilli Thrip infestations can cause leaf curling and bronzing. Chilli Thrips can go from egg to adult in 10-15 days. Monitor weekly and implement a spray program if 5% of the field has injury…
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I have found whiteflies in Cotton today. The adults are very small white flying insects. The nymphs look like football shaped scales and will be on the underside of leaves. The treatment threshold is when the 5th leaf from the top of the cotton plant has 5 or more immature…
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Flea Control Tips for your home and yard.

This article has some great tips on flea control. Article written by Mary Hornbeck. If you own a pet, chances are you’ve dealt with fleas in some form or fashion. Unfortunately, our yards are fleas’ resorts, and they consider our pets to be their own personal valets and moving diners….
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Citrus Growers Summer Update

There is going interest in bacon county in Citrus. This meeting in Valdosta will be a opportunity to pick up a bit more information. Citrus Grower’s Summer Update   July 26, 2017 Lowndes County Extension Office 2102 E. Hill Avenue, Valdosta, GA 31636       11:30               Registration  …
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